How do we proceed?

Define Your Needs

It is important for us to understand your expectations. After an initial exchange by mail or phone, we will be able to better understand the various elements required of your virtual tour (location, number of photos, any options ...)

Proposal Realization

Once you have clearly defined your needs, we will send you a quote. After approval, we will commence with a shooting session.


On the agreed date, our photographer will visit your premises to capture the series of shots necessary for the creation of panoramas.

Assembly and Delivery

After the shooting, we process the series of photographs in order to create the panorama. Once these images are edited, we assemble the elements within a pre-defined navigation interface.
After which, your virtual tour is ready to help you find serious customers. You can then integrate your virtual tour into your own website or ads.
What is the quality of the images provided?

Quality to 32M Pixels

The quality of the equipment Fotovizit provides is of the highest quality. For practicality and optimization we offer for both versions for each virtual tour: a very high quality and a more compressed version to meet current web standards.
What is the compatibility of virtual tours?

Today ? Endless!

Our visits are compatible with all modern mobiles or fixed terminals. We use HTML5 technology that is present on all browsers, including tablets, smartphones, and even augmented reality helmets!
What are the options for a virtual visit?


We process your data independently, so we are able to modify shooting options as desired. Whether it is to hide an object that you do not wish to include (camera, car, security devices ...) or to add informative multimedia content (audio, video, text) on the panoramic views, we will meet your needs.
How long does it take to construct a virtual tour?

Fast and Reliable

Times vary; depending on the the amount of content desired, it usually takes a few days for the completion of an apartment rental business and up to a few weeks for a visit of a cultural park with integration of complex media.
How to integrate my visit to my website or my ad?

A Simplified Procedure

If you own your own website : Your visit is delivered as an archived file. All you have to do is copy its contents to the server of your website, add a link to the visit to the index file, and it will be immediately accessible to your customers.
If you want to post a classified ad : Team Fotovizit integrates your virtual tour directly into the classified ad. In addition we will send you an archived version of your visit.
What about copyright on images?

A Total Transfer of Image Rights

The virtual tour and by extension the images taken are your property. Fotovizit gives you all the rights to use these virtual tours.