Virtual Tour



Fotovizit takes care of the entire process leading to your virtual tour, from shooting to editing.


We create 360 ° panoramas with professional equipment and in high-quality resolution.


Your premises are better represented, and your visitors will be more inclined towards choosing you.


customized solution is always offered to the diverse desires and requirements of all our customers.


The use of HTML5 technology ensures compatibility with all existing browsers. Our visits are also compatible with smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality helmets ...

Turnkey Solution

No hidden costs. Our Turnkey solutions won't give you any bad surprises!

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Why Offer a Virtual Tour on Your Website ?


Nowadays, photos and videos are not enough to market a place on the internet. The Virtual Tour brings a new dimension to visitors. This technology allows us to represent your space so realistically, it's like you are actually there!
Increase traffic to your website while providing a modern image of your establishment.

Examples of Application

Hotel / Restaurant

The panoramic tour will allow you to recreate the atmosphere of your rooms, dining rooms, lounges and reception areas ...


 The interaction provided by a virtual tour for museums, exhibitions, archaeological sites, will allow visitors access to your website through your places of exhibitions or events.

Sports Facilities

Golf, fitness rooms ... Displaying your facilities on your web infrastructure is a good way to convince and reassure your customers of your motivation and support to them as they embark on their fitness journey .